Friday, 23 May 2014

Has Your Removalist let you down?

As much as I hate to say it, being let down by a removalist company is becoming more and more common, as you would expect we get alot of people calling up on the day of their move asking for an emergency call out, their removalists has let them down, not shown up or simply just cancelled the job on the last minute.

It is unfortunate that this is so common. I couldn't fathom how sad and let down some people must feel on the day of their big move. How frustrating and annoying, why is this happening ? It is happening far to often!

Here are the top 10  honest main reasons why this is happening

  1. Lack of staff, occasionally an offsider will pull a sicky and leave the driver stranded
  2. Double booked, what happens is the removalist got a better job making more money!
  3. Breakdown, some use old trucks that frequently break down and are unreliable
  4. Walk off the job, This is were the removalist under priced himself and rather leave then do the job
  5. Not equipped!, sometimes removalists will just say YES we can do that and then realise they couldn't
  6. Scared, in most cases the removalist is frighten they will break the fragile items and rather quit!
  7. Not fit enough! removalists think they can but really cant! stairs and steep driveways scare them.
  8. Simply forgot! this is really common, the removalists take the call books the job but doesn't record it.
  9. Hang Over, what happens is they drink the night before and wake up with a hang over!
  10. Lazy!, they just couldn't be bothered, 
That is the honest truth why these removalists are letting people down, its not right and they should not be able to do it, but that's life and that's the way the government has let this industry go.

Go with a Reputable Removalist Company like Quick Move

Our promise

We at Quick Move will never let you down!, We are very thorough with the quotes, and booking process to avoid any uncertainties, we take every job case by case, so we don't just copy paste everyone the same rubbish quoted text. You will also be glad to know that its all electronically recorded by email, every conversation and comment is in writing so there is no confusion. We also use electronic payment procedures for invoices and booking confirmations so that all bookings are recorded. All staff are allocated certain days and we do have staff on call incase another falls ill, everyone is trained to handle all types of jobs, we will only send men that can handle the job at hand.

That's how we can make our 100% satisfaction gaurentee!

If you would like more information on how we operate call us on 0487 399 669

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